Why select ITEC ?

/Why select ITEC ?
Why select ITEC ? Emmanuel Sanchez 2018-04-14T10:57:23+00:00


What makes Itec Services different?

Our missions and our values

A team of clinical experts :

  • Medical and methodological expertise
  • Reactivity and proximity
  • Easy, fluid and fast information flow

Our organisation

  • Private owned, independent and internationally oriented company
  • Mature and efficient systems : SMQ certified ISO 9001 since 1997 and SMSI compliant with ISO 27001 since 2015
  • High level of Internal control:  regular, internal and external Audits and Quality Control

Innovative equipment, certified & specific to clinical research

  • Clinical and monitoring databases (compliance with 21CFRpart11)
  • eCRF, CTMS, ePRO, mobile apps and eLearning
  • MEdRA coding dictionaries, WHODrug