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ITEC Services SAS strategy is to ensure the reliability of clinical evaluations carried out through its expertise, quality policy, security policy and ethical code in order to maintain clients’satisfaction (>85% Repeat Business) and expand activities in France, EU and Africa.

ITEC Services SAS conducts Research involving human subjects (RIHS), intervention studies, at-risks and low constraints studies, non-interventional studies or secondary data studies only.

Our mission is to ensure the safety of the persons involved and their data, to ensure the integrity of the data and to ensure compliance with the regulations in force, standard operating procedures, study protocols, requirement specifications and contracts.

ITEC Services SAS conducts research in France and internationally: up to 5 countries for interventional studies and up to 15 countries for other types of studies.

ITEC SAS Services supports any project in its entirety or partly according to the needs of the Sponsor.

Before establishing a proposal for Services, we are used to assess our expertise and our organization to respond in an adapted and “tailor-made” manner to the request.